One of the best movies i have seen in a long time. It was a very good film.  omaseike/entry-12438041472.html You already know the little girl will save the day. She shoots Laurence Fishburne just before or after she says a quip.. This movie was amazing, I didn’t even watch this trailer before watching the movie. Whoever is in charge of these trailers are horrible at concealing the plot of the movies smh 🤦🏾‍♂️.

Good 2 minute movie. I guess I have to watch the trailer now, I heard it lasts 1:30 minutes.. I have that movie gangster squad is my favorite movie ever this looks like it was made in goanimate no jokes when i first saw it i thought it was a GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED video. Good god it’s BrickelBerry now that i've watched this overly long trailer that gives away to much of the story i don't feel the need to watch the movie

end of film music standoff


And the little girl will gonna shoot his ass at the end..

This is how they found Morpheus

New story about Little Red Riding Hood

This trailer just summarized the whole movie. what a stupid trailer.


Parece hecho por Seth mcFarlen es horrible hahaha

Well hell I just watched the whole damn movie in that trailer!! No need to watch it now.

moonrise kingdom meets Napolean Dynomite Because you didn't talk to us afterwards, and we thought it was because Brickleberry got cancelled. It wasn't because Brickleberry was over. It was because it ever started.. Good to see people criticizing something from the trailer, i just finished watching it, and it was hilarious. Thank you God, for bring Brickleberry Back!!!!!,!! People are not giving this show a chance.

just finished watching the movie. I'm speechless.

#اصحاب_ثنيان Best movie ever 🙌🏼 i loved it A TOTAL piece of GARBAGE, I walked out, should of asked for my $$$ back. Colin Farrells movie career must be over to be involved in this waste of time. I'm pretty open minded and go see a lot of movies, I could NOT force myself to stay and not walk out.. Season 2! Season 2! Why no bi option?? Cheap animation and cheap jokes surrounded by violence. Can't wait. Sick show, felt wrong watching this 🔥🔥🔥🔥😎

Only if it was like this still i would murder every cop nd build a empire let's hope i can when o older It's like brickleberry but with even shittier animation What's with the 3 frames a second?

I hope the dog wins an Oscar for playing the role of a human.

Looks good but any word on F is for family it's been a while People complaining about how the trailer reveals too much obviously haven't seen the movie. They don't even show the climax in the trailer. Stop complaining and watch the movie first. And no he can't burn the house down, watch the movie to find out why.. What was the 2nd song they used?


All these people in the comment section are meth heads. It's CSI Brickleberry: The Knockoff Edition. Wtf was this? why are people hating on brickleberry, it is honestly my favorite cartoon to watch and I'm sad that they didn't make a new season :(.



Why is it that all low budget action movies always have a guy shooting a very loud silenced pistol haha 1:08 , it's like the guys in the editing room know nothing about guns, it gets me ever time, so annoying.. This not lie smart move only could do so much with ranger park on there first try.

Ppsh not invented until 1941 and this movie mostly will happen in 1920 to 1930

Tom Jane should cut his hairs, he looks like Christophe Lambert on crack. 放過牠吧…見左螯被煮熟 小龍蝦「扯斷手臂」求生 #LINETODAY These are comments are of people who haven't seen this cartoon yet. Paradise PD is Simply wonderful!!! Revolutionary! Ti me, Rick and Morty and Patadise PD are the best cartoon series ever! Who's with me?.


this looks better then it actually was






  • 1000 / 1000